Prepared for Greater Challenges

" There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself." Michael F. Staley

Prepared for Greater Challenges

Most people say that college is fun and the most memorable stage of one’s school life. College should prepare one for the challenges that one will surely encounter once out in the real world. And looking back at those years I spent in college, not to mention I have been from one University to another, I must say that what had been said is true. In fact, most of my so-called life changing realizations indeed happened when I entered college.

In 2003, I spent my freshman year in college as a computer science student in De La Salle University – Manila. Short as it was, my stay there left me with both good and not so good (if not bad) memories. Good in the sense that, it is in “Planet Goks” (which refers to the Gokongwei building of the College of Computer Science, which had been called as such for its being isolated form the other colleges), where I met my real friends or as what we fondly call ourselves, the ‘Cooldudes’. From just hanging out, playing cards, watching movies, the drinking sessions and road trips we had, these are just a few of the things I can mention from all the memories of our good times together. Of course, the good times cannot occur without the bad times. My bad times would pertain mostly to academic challenges I experienced as I was then totally clueless from having no programming background at all, and as a student majoring in Computer Science that is not acceptable. I was academically challenged in DLSU, there was no other better choice for me but to take the same path as what other academically challenged students had to undertake, if not forced to do so. In short, I had to transfer to the school, which will surely accept me, the school that is famous for its being the “school of Second Chances”.

So I started a new a chapter of my college life in College of Saint Benilde. At first, I have to admit I had a difficult time accepting the drastic change but eventually with the help of my family, friends and fellow “DL’s” (Dating La Salle) I was able to finally find my second home in CSB. In truth, I realized that the change that happened to me was rather a blessing in disguise. I would have had a hard time believing it before but this school somewhat brought out the best in me. In CSB, I had the chance to be actively involved in some school activities (like the Frosh Orientation Program), be an officer for the Computer Business Association (professional student organization for the CA course), of which I am the VP for internal affairs and for a couple of terms I have also been a student assistant in the computer labs. Being active in these organizations, and working with different kinds of people taught me a great deal about the realities of life especially that of a workplace. It made me realize that the greatest challenge I would have to face in working in any organization is getting along with the people in it, people of different backgrounds, values and beliefs. Other than that, I mostly learned that my faith in myself would be surely tested and that the only way to survive, if not succeed in this cruel world is to be brave enough to stand up and fight for what you believe is right.

At this point, I can say that I would not be the better and stronger person that I am right now if it were not for the great, memorable, difficult and even embarrassing experiences I had during my college years. And that the most significant life changing realizations I have experienced in my college life has prepared me to the greater challenges I am now encountering in the corporate world.

About Gian Ramos

God-fearing. Scholar of Life. A Work in Progress. Bookworm. Swimmer. Aspiring Pianist. Colorful. Creative. Hopeless Romantic. Happy Dog Owner of 6. Proud Pinoy. I am a Filipina born and raised in Manila. I created this blog to share bits and pieces of myself to the world and hopefully to inspire.

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