Good Times in BORACAY Philippines

Boracay is a well known tourist spot in the Philippines for foreigners and Filipinos alike.  The perfect place for a vacation getaway or so they say.
Toward the end of last year, when I went there for the first time with my mom, cousin Patrick and his girlfriend Raquel, I found out why.

White sand, blue sky, clear water and gorgeous people everywhere — it is definitely an island paradise.:)

ATV ride

ATV ride to Mt. Luho
On our first day on the island, we went for a ride all the way to Mt. Luho, where Patrick, Raquel and I were each riding an all terrain vehicle or ATV.

My mom who has been driving a car perhaps for around 30 years refused to join us as she was worried of driving on a downhill slope.

At Mt. Luho.. We posed like we were smoking pot as Patrick said that from where we were standing it smelled like pot..

Mt. Luho is an overlooking view point of the whole Boracay Island. View of the beach from up there is truly breathtaking.

Other than the spectacular view of the island, there is also a mini aviary open to tourists. There we found different kinds of interesting animals like the tasmanian devil, eagle and monkey.

West Cove Resort owned by the pound for pound boxing king of world, right in the beautiful island of Boracay.

Island Hopping and Snorkeling Adventure

After the ATV ride to Mt. Luho, we went for an island hopping adventure.

Not only did we get to see the beautiful islands surrounding Boracay, our tour guides also showed us a private resort of which they say is owned by the No. 1 Pound for pound boxer and Philippines’ pride — Manny Pacquiao.

2012-04-24 UPDATE: I just found out from Manila Bulletin that Manny Pacquiao is not the owner of West Cove Resort. Although the said resort is popularly known as ‘Pacquiao’s resort’, it is owned by businessman Crisostomo Aquino.
Read ‘Pacquiao’s Resort’ rises in Boracay for more info.


My favorite part of the island hopping adventure is the snorkeling.:)

It was my first time and although I had to dive into the water with a life vest on (as I do not know how to swim :p) I still had fun seeing the beauty of another world found under the water.

Coconut or Buko Juice – a refreshing drink that completed our island hopping trip (click to view larger image)

What completed our island hopping trip? A fresh dose of coconut juice 🙂

And these fresh coconuts we bought from a man who approached our boat with his own boat filled with coconuts. Talk about merchandise, right in the middle of the sea!

Amazing Filipinos!;)

Henna Tattoo – a must in Boracay

Henna Tattoos

After sunset, Patrick, Raquel and I got ourselves some Henna Tattoos. Mine was a simple floral design which I had the tattoo artist do on my leg. While Raquel had two, one was a done on her back (a replica of the sun and stars in the Philippine Flag) and another which she had the artist tattoo on her flat tummy (a combination of stars and flowers). Patrick’s tattoo took the longest. We waited around four hours for the artists to finish his Maori Tattoo 😀

Well, I must say the outcome looked almost like a real tattoo and the details of the Maori design is truly awesome so it was worth the wait.;)

Inside the Zorb Ball with Raquel

While inside the rolling Zorb, we didn’t know it rolled over Patrick 😀

Zorb Ball Experience

On our second day, we went to try the famous Zorb Ball. There were two kinds of Zorb, one is harness and the other one is hydro. We chose the latter because  sliding inside the ball with water seems more fun. True enough, the ride down the hill was one hell of a crazy ride!:D

Inside the rolling ball, the ride felt like a good 10 minutes but in reality it just lasted around 1 minute or so 😉

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