In life, we have the option to be good or bad…

At times when life offers me cruelty, it becomes a challenge for me to stay good when others are not, especially since I’ve always claimed that my attitude depends on how people treat me.
Well, I am just thankful that I’ve come to know KERYGMA. The stories they share are my constant reminders that the good Lord judges us according to our actions. And even though we have been given the free will to choose from right and wrong, we must choose according to how it will reflect our moral values than our temporary state of anger.
Now please find below today’s story from KERYGMA, which I would like to share with you.

And if the virtuous man turns from the path of virtue to do evil… he shall die. – Ezekiel 18:24

In one episode of the cartoon series, Hello Kitty, there was a small creature whose mission was to eat bad dreams of children so they would have happy dreams. This creature knew that when he has eaten 100 dreams, he would become a grown-up. Since he couldn’t wait to become one, he devoured every dream. At first, he ate the bad dreams but later, he shifted to eating the good ones for he found that good dreams tasted yummy. Because of this, the children’s good dreams turned into nightmares. When the dream eater ate his 100th dream, he suffered from a severe stomach ache because he ate what he wasn’t supposed to eat.
In today’s first reading, the Lord said through the prophet Ezekiel that the man who follows and lives by God’s statutes will live; otherwise, he dies. In my previous story, the dream eater initially did the right thing — eat bad dreams. But when he strayed by eating good dreams, he suffered.
We will be judged by God individually according to our actions. If we go against God’s laws, we suffer from spiritual death. But if we recognize our sinfulness, repent and turn back to God, then we will live. Judith Concepcion (

Do you always want to have it your way? Don’t be selfish but be selfless.

Teach me, Lord, how not to be self-centered that I may always put others’ needs above my selfish desires.

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