18 to Life: Not An Ordinary Comedy Sitcom

I just recently finished watching season 1 and 2 of 18 to Life,
a Canadian TV series and I absolutely love it! 🙂

18 to Life. Married. With Parents.

Tom Bellow and Jessie Hill are so in love that at 18 decided to tie the knot. At first, they get disapproval from both of their parents but Tom and Jessie proves to them that their love is genuine and not just some puppy love. As their lives change, the story not only focuses on Tom and Jessie but also on both their families, who are most affected by the young couple’s decision to get hitched.

Every episode is hilarious, epic and ends with a moral lesson. 

What I like best about this comedy sitcom is that there is a moral lesson in every episode. Aside from that, every other character is interesting (each one of them has his/her own charm at being funny), and so not only did I fall in love with Tom and Jessie but the entire cast as well. 

Phil and Tara. Jessie’s parents. The cool parents of Jessie. Though Phil and Tara do not believe in marriage (they themselves are not married) and just think of it as an exercise in creed without any particular bearing in reality, they never intended to stop Jessie and Tom from getting married. They clash a lot with Tom’s  parents because of their opposing beliefs and so they always end up in a silly banter with the Bellows which is one of the contributing factors to the story’s humor. 🙂

Ben and Judith. Tom’s Parents. The controlling parents of Tom. From the very start, they were the ones who had been against Tom and Jessie’s decision to tie the knot. But when Tom and Jessie proved how serious they were, Ben and Judith yielded. They aren’t so bad because they even offered Tom and Jessie to live in their big attic. They are the serious couple and obviously the opposite character of Jessie’s parents but they are crazy funny in their own way. 🙂

Carter. A certified womanizer who also happens to be Tom’s best buddy. At first, he was kind of annoying because of how he persuades Tom not to marry Jessie. But eventually I came to like Carter Boyd because he is crazy, funny and a true loyal friend. 🙂

Monica. The older sister of Tom. She is mischievous and would offer help only if she’s going to get  a kick out of it. She has her own flat but when she comes by the Bellow Residence, she never fails to bring her bag filled with sarcasm which is why she is annoyingly funny.  :))

By just reading this maybe you won’t clearly picture how great this show is so I recommend that you watch it and make your own judgement. 🙂

Third Season of 18 to Life Cancelled.

I’ve read articles regarding the cancellation of 18 to Life’s 3rd season but I really hope CBC would realize that this is such a great show and eventually produce season 3. 😦

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