Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Bonus Scene and Some Still Shots

During the opening weekend, I finally got to watch Twilight’s latest film installment: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. It was so awesome that I still can’t get over it!

A must-see for Twilight’s die-hard fans 

Definitely it’s not as detailed as Stephenie Meyer’s novel but  the film is a must-see for Twilight’s die-hard fans. With the book having 745 pages, there were so many highlights to cover that I think it’s just about right that the producers decided to split Breaking Dawn into two movies. In truth, I was hoping for three separate films! 😀

The new director Bill Condon had an excellent collaboration with Stephenie Meyer in keeping the film close to the book. Although the book was not exactly translated page per page, the director brought life to the series on-screen. In fact, the part where Bella was giving birth to Renesmee was so morbid and intense I felt like I was watching a horror movie. 😀

Here are some of my fave still shots from the movie:

Alice and Rosalie transforming Bella into a stunning bride.. 🙂

Bella about to walk down the aisle… She looked so nervous and barely breathing 😀

Unlike Bella, Edward played the part of a proud, happy groom and a handsome one at that 😉

Bella’s gorgeous wedding gown finally exposed! Photo Source: Breaking Dawn Facebook Page

The newlyweds at Isle Esme on their honeymoon night..

The morning after.. The all-too-happy Bella was surprised to see the bruises her vampire husband Edward left on her body.. :p

Playing chess had been part of their daily honeymoon activities :p Well more like part of Edward’s scheme to turn their honeymoon into a wholesome one 😀

In just 2 weeks of honeymoon, Bella discovers her baby bump, causing Edward to momentarily be in a  state of shock.. :p

Bonus Scene after the Ending Credits

If you haven’t seen Breaking Dawn and you’re planning to, make sure to stay through the ending credits because you wouldn’t want to miss the bonus scene like I did. When I learned that there was a bonus scene right after the ending creditsI felt bad that I didn’t stay long and so I totally missed it. Good thing someone uploaded it on YouTube. 🙂

For those who didn’t stay until after the ending credits, here’s the scene we missed 😉

Okay, watch this only if you have already seen the movie on the big screen and you missed this part but you have no more plans of watching it again. It’s not in the best quality but enough to satisfy your curiosity. 😉

Coming Soon: Breaking Dawn – Part 2  

For me, Part 1 had been so short like the ending practically left me hanging. :p But I suppose that’s the idea of having a Part 2. 😀 Based on articles the second installment of Breaking Dawn will not be due for release until late next year.

Oh but I can barely wait to see it already! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the vampire Bella and the new addition to the Cullen clan – Renesmee who will be played by adorable Mackenzie Foy

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  1. Good thing I stayed until after the credits rolled.. 🙂

  2. Looks like you’re a really big fan of the Twilight saga! I can’t wait for the final movie! 🙂 Though I know how it will end, it’s always better to see the interpretation of the director on the big screen. When will it be showing ba?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

  3. You really have an amazing blog right here. Can we ex-links? 🙂 So I can get updates from you? Thank you Miss Gian!

    • Sure thing! Sweet! Thanks, that’s a lot coming from you 🙂 YOU have a more awesome blog! There’s so much good stuff to read 🙂 I hope it’s okay that I included you on my blogroll and links, I want to recommend your blog to other people 😉

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  5. This was a review I could really sink my teeth into– thanks! : )

  6. “Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Bonus Scene and Some Still Shots Live, Learn and Pass it on!
    ” was indeed a relatively great blog post, . Continue writing and I am going to
    continue to keep reading through! Thank you ,Gino

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