My Top Ten Android Apps

I love Android!

The existence of so many amazing android applications is a proof that anything is possible in this age of technology. Aside from helping us in our daily activities android applications make our life more fun. 😉 Anyway, let me share with you ten of my favorite applications (I actually have a growing list!). 😉 

1. Memoires
Memoires is like a modern day diary. Why? It’s digital! It allows me to save my special memories by adding notes, photos, sound recordings and maps.

List view of saved memories

Sample view of a memory entry

2. Business Calendar
This calendar is even better than my phone’s default calendar! No kidding 😉 This amazing application allows me to add my calendars from Facebook and Gmail. Also, it allows me to sync my activities or events saved on my phone’s memory to my Gmail account and vice versa. This application definitely spells convenience! 😉

Widget for your front menu


Widget for your front menu

3. Whatsapp (
As what they say, the best things in life are FREE. This is exactly why this application is on my top 10. It allows me to send messages and call my friends for FREE! Not to mention those cute and funny smileys make chatting more fun!

4. Pinterest (
I’m practically new in the Pinterest community (as I have just joined recently) but I’m already so addicted to it! I created a vision board I called ‘Dream Destinations’ and I already have pinned so many beautiful places I hope to visit! There are just so many interesting photos shared by the users and I can’t wait to create more vision boards! 🙂

5. Free eBooks (
I love LOVE reading! Though I treasure my paperbacks I thank God for ebooks! And this application is one of my favorites because of its wide interesting selection of ebooks I can download right from my phone for FREE! 

Choose from a wide selection

Manage your own library

6. Bible
This is the best mobile Bible companion! If I get tired reading or I when I have my hands full I can just listen to the bible verses being read out loud. I can read the Bible anywhere and anytime! Really, reading the Bible has never been this convenient. 🙂

Read or listen to the Bible verses

7. Call Recorder
Thanks to this application now I can save my phone conversations! 😉

8. Inspirational Quotes
I love quotes especially from wise people! And this is why this application is one of my favorites. 😉  I even made it my default widget for my front menu. It has become my primary source of inspirational quotes. 🙂

Manage favorite quotes

A nice looking widget for your front menu

9. Days Left  Widget
Looking for a countdown application or widget for special events you want to be reminded about? I definitely recommend this one. It’s simple and looks pretty neat on the front menu. 😉

10. Photo Grid KD Collage 
Update: 2012-10-15
A collage maker is definitely a must-have for people like me who often shares photos on instagram. I must have tried around four collage makers and so far Photo Grid KD Collage is the one that I like most. Unlike Photo Grid or the other photo editors I tried KD Collage allows me to add texts or labels to my collage. Also, there are several options for the layout and number of photos I can include on my collage 🙂

Create new collage

Select type of collage

Add photos

Almost done adding photos

Select background type

Select background image

Edit frame effect

Add text

Change font style

Save collage

So there you have it my top ten android apps! These are FREE so if you trust my judgement go ahead and download them from the android market. 🙂 Enjoy!

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