NBI Clearance Processing at the QC Hall Just Got Worse

What an exhausting day! I woke up at 6 a.m. today to get my NBI Clearance. My mom and I arrived at Quezon City Hall around 7 a.m. I don’t often go to the Quezon City Hall so I didn’t know that the NBI QC Satellite office has already moved to a new location (it is now infront of the Red Cross building). As it happens an office of the Quezon City Mayor is being built on the former location of the NBI QC Satellite office. Anyway, when we got to the NBI Satellite office there were already long lines. 

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

At first, it seemed that they have an organized process. There was even a friendly guard who had a microphone in his hand. On his other hand was an application form for the NBI Clearance. He was giving instructions to the people waiting on how to properly fill out the form. The guard had a funny way of giving instructions so he managed to make the people laugh (including me) inspite of the heat. :p

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

Even with such positive vibes it still took me more than an hour waiting in line just to get to the payments window. Since this was not my first time I already expected this. What I didn’t expect is that I would end up waiting for almost FIVE HOURS in line at the encoding window.

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

On the first hour of my five hour dilemma at NBI, the guard announced that the personnel at the encoding window will go on a thirty minute break. I heard a lot of groans from the people. It was just past 9 a.m. Everybody thought it’s rather unfair for the NBI employees to take a break while the rest of us are stuck in line. Lucky for me and my mom, we were already seated. Some people were still standing in line and some even under the glare of the hot sun. The guard even tried to add humor by saying, “Makipagkaibigan muna kayo sa mga katabi nyo habang naghahantay. Para magkakilala na kayo pag nagkita ulit kayo.”. 😀

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

One hour has passed and the encoding window still hasn’t resumed operations. People are starting to get impatient. Finally, I heard from someone that the encoding had to be halted because the system crashed.  

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

Another hour passed. A lady in red spoke to the crowd of people waiting. She explained why the NBI couldn’t proceed their operations. According to her, they saw smoke coming from the Meralco post at the back of the NBI office. She said these are the Meralco lines shared by the NBI office and the Red Cross building that’s why they couldn’t proceed with the operations. People started complaining out loud, all talking at the same time. I can understand why. The people are tired and are already hungry since it was almost lunch time. I can feel myself growing impatient too but not because of the waiting. I blame the poor system they have. It is obvious they didn’t have any contingency plan to backup situations like this. They didn’t even bother informing the people right away. They didn’t seem to care that the people have been standing in long lines for hours now, soaked in sweat, hungry and most of them did not go to work to have their NBI Clearance processed. There wasn’t even a single electric fan where the people waited. I think they just deliberately forgot that these are the same people who pay taxes. Taxes which are supposed to fund the government operations.

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance

On a lighter note, I admire how some people, no matter how frustrating the situation, still managed to crack jokes and make others smile or laugh. I guess it’s one of the positive traits of a Filipino. 🙂 I just had to smile at what some guy shouted. He said, “Pag payments ang bilis nila”. Indeed, when I look at the Payments window, there were only a few people lined up (probably around five). And what’s funny about it is that it’s the only window operating! 😀 The other windows for encoding, photo/biometric, printing and releasing were all closed. 😀

It was already past 1 p.m., there was still no announcement as to what exact time they will resume. Mom asked the personnel at one of the windows for an update, the only information she got was that the meter had to be replaced and that the Meralco maintenance will take place from 3  to 4 p.m. I told mom that we should just go back the following day because I no longer believe what they say. I don’t want to end up waiting and accomplishing nothing. When I left with my mom, my heart went out to the rest of the people who chose to wait. Most of them didn’t even go out for lunch. I’m guessing they were tight on a budget and didn’t want to spend. The least that the NBI office could have done was to give these people free water or meal. A situation like this would not have happened if the NBI QC Satellite officials had a contingency plan. It’s a clear negligence on their part. In fact If they had a generator, it would have made a difference. Everybody would gotten their NBI Clearance and would have gone home happy. I really hope the NBI QC Head Mr. Raul B. Angeles will do something about this.

Tips when applying for an NBI clearance (offline):

  • Be at the NBI office on or before 6 AM. The office opens at 8 AM but as early as 6 AM (or even 5 AM) you will already find people in line. The earlier you get there, the earlier you will finish the process.
  • The order of the booths is as follows:
  • Bring at least one valid ID (SSS card, passport, driver’s license, etc.). You will need to show your valid ID and surrender the photocopy of the same ID to the person distributing the NBI clearance application form. In case you forget to bring a photocopy of the ID, there are available photocopy machines at the entrance of the NBI office.
  • Although you will find vendors outside the NBI office selling ballpens and envelopes you can just bring your own ballpen to lessen your spending.
  • Once you get your form, fill it out completely and fall in line at the payment booth. The fees that will be collected from you will  consist of the following: doc. stamp (15 PHP) and the clearance fee (100 PHP). In total, you will have to pay 115 PHP.
  • Sleeveless tops are not allowed for the picture taking. If you plan to wear a sleeveless top, bring a blazer.
  • Lastly, you will have to wait long in line (expect at least 2 hours) so charge your mobile phone and bring a hand fan, umbrella, bottle of water and snack.

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  1. You should have tried the online processing pero it is in taft branch I think. 🙂 When I get my nbi it only took an hour since my mom has a friend at NBI MAIN 🙂 But if you go online it would only took you 3hours-4hours? 🙂

  2. Crap talaga! Where do my taxes go? This is the very question that sprang to my mind everytime ako matraffic sa kalsada or malubak or whatever. Even the online processing is sh*t! Payment methods for example are only in Gcash (I’m a Smart subscriber) and Pinoy Pera Padala PPP (which I think is already dead company)… how the heck?! In PPP website they advertise that there is Kwartagram who now also accepts NBI e-clearance payments. Pero, “only god knows where” are their branches located. The malls are supposed to be familiar sites for people. Why not there? And there are even more familiar payment centers. Why not them?

  3. pede naman pabilisin ang process ng pagkuha ng nbi,,ung passport nga na dati matagal ang pagkuha ngayon madali na,ang problema lang sa mga staff ng mga gov’t pa vip sila, pansinin mo parang walang kasipag sipag sa pagmumukha, parang di masaya sa trabaho. pag umangal ka pa lalo ka nilang pahirapan. kaya mga kumukuha ng nbi pag umaangal parininig na lang, si employee naman kunwari deadma. parang pag pumunta tayo sa office nila kailangan natin ng favor at kailangan nilang magpa hard to get.

    • Hindi naman lahat pero I agree that there are some government employees na tinatamad gawin ang trabaho nila. I’ve seen this personally. I think kasi ang problem din mababa yun compensation ng government employees that’s why they are not performing well. They lack the motivation to do well in their job. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts here Bamz! 🙂

  4. ilang araw po ba maghihintay bago mo makuha ang nbi clearance?

    • Hi Abby! 🙂 It depends. They will check on their system if may kapangalan ka (meaning someone else out there has the name Abby Ylanan). If wala kang kapangalan on their records you will be able to get your NBI clearance the same day you applied. 🙂 If may kapangalan ka you will have to wait around two weeks to claim your NBI clearance. Don’t worry because they will put the date of release on your receipt. I hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Most Filipinos are barking at the wrong tree. It’s not the rotten process of securing the NBI clearance that we must blame, but the injustice that all job seekers are presumed criminals and need the NBI clearance to acquit them before they can gain employment. In the USA, are ordinary American job seekers required to submit to their employers an FBI clearance before hiring? This imposition prevails because we are a docile people. Look, execution by lethal injection is still murder: NBI clearance even if secured on line is still exploitation. The NBI clerks who process clearances work much harder, yet the other clerks who do other things get the same salary, thus the processing clerks have low morale. The SWS or Pulse Asia must make a survey to find out how many of the 10 million job seekers are criminals to determine if the NBI clearance is justified or not. I will bet my life that it is not.

  6. i have already paid Php 140 for an NBI Clearance through GCASH and only realized na available pa pala ung NBI Satellite Office sa QC City Hall. Would anyone know kung tumatanggap sila ng payment via GCASH? Thanks!

  7. Just wana share
    1 Quezon City Hall para kumuha ng NBI clearance walang instruction kung pano process sunod sunuran sa pila.
    2.Nakapila for encoding ng information para lang ako nasa baha pati sa pila ng NBI may mga patse patse ng kahoy at malalaking bato matubig kc at maputik (bakit di kaya nila mapaus? )
    3. Pila for Biometrix and taking of picture…sabi ni Kuya ” Sir may kapangalan po kau verify pa po natin balik na lang po kau sa date n nakalgay sa likod ng resibo”.. tingin naman ako.. WHAT?? September 26? passport nga 15 days lang daming page noon for printing ito isang papel 22 days? anyway I left yoko n makipag conversation…
    4. Pero Good Job naman ung Security guard tlagang he is doing his job aus n aus niya ang pila and he even sing and entertain us so you can see people smiling and laughing.. kahit paano nakakawala ng pagod..LOL and ung mga nagbebenta ng “BURA.. BURA…kuya Bura?”

    CONCLUSION…bad trip pa din ang mga government agency…peace

  8. Thanks for this post. Here’s my article on getting NBI clearance from my view.


  9. Thank you for the helpful blog, esp. its in English, so a foreigner like me can also know the process

  10. The NBI online form is useless in the QC hall (not sure with the other branches) because they are limiting the number of online applicants. It sucks. They’re still outdated. NSO and DFA have already improved their system but not NBI. Where is the “intelligence” in the National Bureau of Intelligence?

  11. Meron ba silang lunch break?

  12. Luiseto nobe

    Paano mag mag fell up online NBI clearance?

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