INCREDIBLE INNOVATION: Sugar Rush at the World’s First Cake Hotel

While looking for something to inspire me I stumbled upon an article on the dailymail. The article featured the first edible hotel in the whole world (yes, you read that right – edible). Sounds amazing, right? Wait till you see the photos below (most of which I grabbed from dailymail)! 🙂 It’s like a scene you’d expect to see in films like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs where everything is edible. 😉

Photo Source:

Well of course, in this hotel NOT everything is edible! 😀 Just like the lady in the bathtub filled with caramel coated popcorn. She’s for real! She’s just posing to show how she’s enjoying the sweet furnishings of the hotel. 😉 But according to Bianca London, that colorful rug you see in the photo is edible. You might ask, what is it made of? It may sound crazy but it’s made up of 1,081 meringues and 20 kilos of marshmallows. Talk about sugar rush! 😀

Photo Source:

In the article, she also mentioned that each room in the hotel, has a different theme. 🙂 The photo of the edible treasure chest that you see below was taken from the room with the “Pirates of the Carribean” theme.

Photo Source:

Event the fresh looking flowers are edible! With all these sweets, I won’t be surprised if the guest will end up a diabetic after checking in this hotel. 😀

Photo Source:

Okay the bed is real but those pretty pillows are actually cakes! Oh and the book is edible too. 😉 No doubt, sweet dreams are guaranteed in this hotel! 😀

sdsd Photo Source:

Photo Source: Total Travel

The only thing that probably lacks here is a pool of chocolate fondue! 😀 Come to think of it, this may not be such a silly idea because this hotel just opened on March 21 and I’m sure they are likely to come up with more edible furnishings soon! Sometimes it’s just a crazy thought but it’s amazing how some people make them into a reality! 😉 Just like Tate & Lyle Sugars, who is the genius behind this cake hotel! Who would have thought a hotel with sweet and edible furnishings is possible, right? 🙂  


Want more info on this edible hotel? Read Bianca London’s article: World’s first ‘edible hotel’ opens where guests eat their way through sponge cushions, fudge windowsills and a bath filled with caramel-coated popcorn  

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    Sooooo Sweet..Jalal

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