Web Chixies Meet and Greet

Last Saturday, a number of female geeks, tech enthusiasts and advocates of technology gathered for the first ever Web Chixies Meet and Greet Session. This event was held at Microsoft Philippines in Makati. Ms. Gem Devanadera, who founded the Web Chixies Group on June 27, 2013, was the one responsible for organizing this event.

    Web Chixies Meet Up Program  – July 6, 2013  
Program Preparation    
Program Proper    
Opening Prayer    
Welcoming Remarks by Katrina Macaraig from Microsoft Philippines    
Introduction about Web Chixies Meet Up    
“Pursuing your Digital Passion” by Janette Toral    
“Why Women Need to Step Up” by Chinkee Tan    
Ice breaker
Break/ Pizza time    
Talk by Rachel Jaro of Tripsiders.com    
“Mozilla Women in the Philippines” by Faye Tandog    
Open Forum: Latest challenges that women faced in the IT community    
Pitch Perfect – Women Who Code and Speak!    
Closing Remarks (Announcement and Promotions) by Macelle Legaspi of Exist    
Closing Prayer by Gem Devanadera    
Pitch Perfect – Women Who Code and Speak!    

Although the event had been mainly about women empowerment, there were several guys who came too and seemed to enjoy themselves. 🙂 Well, I’m not surprised because aside from the worthy topics, there was a long table laden with Jugno’s monster pizza! 🙂  Below you’ll find photos taken from the Web Chixies Meet and Greet. 🙂

Event hosts Kurt and Chean



Before the program officially started the event hosts asked us to introduce ourselves 🙂



Greetings from the event organizer, Gem Devanadera


Welcome Remarks by Katrina Macaraig, Marketing Manager of Microsoft Philippines


“Pursuing your Digital Passion” by special guest speaker Janette Toral, E-Commerce Specialist


The next special guest speaker..


Introduction to the next guest speaker…


From being one of the “hawi boys” of Randy Santiago

, Chinkee Tan is now a Motivational Speaker, Wealth Coach and Book Author.


“Why Women Need to Step Up” by guest speaker Chinkee Tan


“Think positive. Positive Mindset +  Positive Action = Positive Result”  – Chinkee Tan  


Icebreaker game!

20130706190938006 20130706191122448 20130706191746154

Jugno’s Monster Pizza! Yum! 🙂



My dates: Cessie and Poopy 🙂


While enjoying the pizza, Cessie and I struck up a conversation with Aziel Gomez (the pretty lady sandwiched between Cessie and Poopy below). As luck would have it, she’s an officemate of our good friend from college. 🙂 Small world! 🙂


Special guest speaker – Rachel Jaro, from Tripsiders.com

20130706200039618 20130706202437731 20130706203137951

“Women and the Open Web” by guest speaker Faye Tandog from Mozilla Philippines

20130706203412439 20130706203417304 20130706204515115 20130706204534086

Lucky girl Cessie! She won a Freelancer.ph Tshirt in the Q&A. 🙂


Winner! 🙂


Open forum 🙂

20130706210027464 20130706210032271 20130706210315538

I just had to have my picture taken with the event organizer, Ms. Gem Devanadera 🙂


And another photo op, this time with Ms. Janette Toral! 🙂


Cessie, Ms, Janette Toral, Ms. Gem Devanadera and me 🙂

20130706221236102 20130706175129227 20130706175143917

Me and Poopy 🙂


Great venue. Awesome speakers. Good food. Truly, the event was a success! And I’m happy that I got the chance to be part of this event because I got so much motivation from all the speakers. Motivational speaker and wealth coach Chinkee Tan was the perfect complement to the three women speakers who are living proof that women can make a difference in the IT industry. Aside from the good combination of guest speakers, I was glad that I got the chance to make new friends. 🙂  

So did you miss this event? Well, no worries! Because there’s another meetup on July 27. If you want to join, please visit the Web Chixies Group. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you on the next Web Chixies meetup! 🙂

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  1. Great to meet you Gian. 🙂

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