Free Online Storage for Personal Files and Captured Memories

Yesterday, my hard disk drive has decided to rest in peace. Yes it died on me. And really I felt as if someone close to me has died. It has been my companion for the last 4 years. What really makes me sad is that I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t able to back up my documents, photos and videos. I guess I’d rather lose even the important documents but NOT the photos and videos. 😦 I’m a very sentimental person and I hate losing captured memories. 😦

RIP May 10, 2009 - July 14, 2013

RIP May 10, 2009 – July 14, 2013

I can’t believe I have allowed this to happen again. This is the second time actually. Years back I also lost a great deal of memories saved on my external hard disk. Again, I didn’t have a backup.

Yes, by now I have learned my lesson. ALWAYS KEEP A BACK UP in case sh*t happens. Anyway, if you’re a sentimental person like I am, you might want to check out some FREE cloud storage services where you can keep a copy of your important files and captured memories. You know, just in case your HDD or External HD dies on you.


Google Drive
Here you can upload photos, videos, documents, and other files up to  15 GB. And it’s FREE! If you think 15 GB is not enough and you need more space, just create another Google Account.

Just like Google Drive, this is a FREE cloud storage service which allows users to store files starting with 15 GB worth of space. For each referral you can earn 5 GB of extra free storage.

Before Google Drive arrived, this is the free online storage service I have been using to save my documents, photos and other files. The starting storage size is 2 GB but you can earn some FREE space up to 18 GB by getting others to create an account in Dropbox. For each referral you get 500 MB worth of space. If you want to know more about how you can earn more free space in Dropbox, check out Dropbox’s Get Space page.

As the name suggests, Photobucket is a free online storage for photos. Aside from the free storage, Photobucket offers an intuitive online photo editor allowing users to edit and add effects to their photos online. Also, Photobucket’s sharing options allow users to easily manage who can view the photos. This is the storage service I have been using for the photos of the personal websites I built.

Again, these are free cloud storage services intended for personal use. If you need more space you can always avail of their paid services. If you know of any free cloud storage services offering bigger space than the ones mentioned here, kindly post a link in the comment box. I would love to register too. 😉 Thank you! 🙂

“Prevention is better than cure.”
– Desiderius Erasmus

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