Outreach Activity in Tarlac with Diksyonaryo ATBP.

Last Sunday (July 28), Diksyonaryo ATBP had an outreach activity for the Aeta community at Sitio Poquis in Camiling, Tarlac and my friends and I were lucky to have been a part of it.  

Diksyonaryo ATBP. Outreach Activity – July 28, 2013
 05:00 AM Assembly at SM City North Transport Terminal
 10:00 AM Introduction (Volunteers)
Opening Prayer
 11:00 AM Introduction (Aeta Community)
Story Telling for the kids
Fun and Games
Story Telling for the kids
Distribution of medicines, toiletries and school supplies donation
Served snacks to the Aeta Community
 12:00 PM Repacked food donation (rice, canned goods and coffee)
Distribution of food donation
 01:00 PM Lunch for the Volunteers
 02:00 PM Photo ops
 06:00 PM From Camiling, Tarlac back to Quezon City

It felt great to be surrounded by selfless people who are truly driven to help improve other people’s lives.

But it was an even greater feeling to see the genuine happiness of the Aeta community, especially the children and the school teacher.

If anything, the outreach made me realize how most of the time we get so caught up in our own troubles with our family, work and life that we fail to appreciate the material and non material things we have been blessed with. We always want more from life. We forget that there are people out there who have nothing at all. People just like the Aeta community we visited in Camiling, Tarlac.

One of the funny highlights of this outreach for me was the storytelling part for the kids. Being the new batch of volunteers, my friends and I were asked to participate in the storytelling for the kids. 🙂

My friend Aisa and I were the narrators. While the rest of our friends played out the characters together with a few other volunteers. 🙂

I know we must have looked silly but at least everybody had fun and the kids were entertained. 😀

I’m truly happy to have had this one-of-a-kind experience with my friends. And I’m looking forward to our next outreach activity. 🙂

To Carms: Thank you so much for inviting Aisa, Daisy, Poopy and me. It was a heart warming experience I will never forget (even better than that epic Prive night we had!). 😉

To Diksyonaryo ATBP‘s Founder Lia Del Castillo: Thank you for welcoming us! And for making us feel like we’re part of the Diksyonaryo ATBP family. The level of passion you have for helping and reaching out to poor communities is something to be admired! It was great meeting an amazing person like you. 🙂  

“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing.
We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.”

– Norman MacEwan


About Gian Ramos

God-fearing. Scholar of Life. A Work in Progress. Bookworm. Swimmer. Aspiring Pianist. Colorful. Creative. Hopeless Romantic. Happy Dog Owner of 6. Proud Pinoy. I am a Filipina born and raised in Manila. I created this blog to share bits and pieces of myself to the world and hopefully to inspire.

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  1. Hi Humpina 😦

  2. Hi! I was just wondering, where exactly in Camiling did you conduct this outreach activity? I am looking for an Aeta community where I could extend my help. Thank you!

    • Hi Erika!:) This outreach was held at Sitio Poquis in Camiling, Tarlac. It would be best for you to coordinate with the Barangay so they can give you directions or escort you and your group to the specific location of the Aeta community. 🙂

  3. Hi Gian.. i’d like to ask your contact person during your outreach program,, we & my team are planning to have an outreach in tarlac.

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