Hershey’s Trick or Treat 2015

I love making costumes and props! And you can imagine how excited I was for my first ever Trick or Treat in The Hershey Company. The theme for this year’s Halloween is Super Heroes. My team would have chosen Avengers but that was already taken by another department so my team ended up with Justice League of America.

Left-Right: Raven, Super Girl, Black Canary Fire, Flash, Hawk Girl, Aqua Girl, Superman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Wonder Woman

My team had been so busy that we had only less than a week to prepare for our room decoration, props and costumes. For our room, the entrance was designed to look like the Hall of Justice but we made the inside look like the Justice League Watch Tower.

Me posing with Clark Kent, Aqua Girl and Superman at the entrance of the Hall of Justice

We covered the entire room with black trash bag. We covered our ceiling lights with blue cellophane for a dim lighting. We also made good use of our projector, laptops and LCD monitors for the news brief, radar and satellite view of the earth. 

For the control pads, we covered our cork boards with black crepe paper for the buttons we used colored paper (shaped in squares) and push pins.

Candy loot corner for the kids!

Justice League inspired Cupcakes for the kids!

We offered drinks for the kids with a little twist. Instead of the juice flavor, the drinks are labeled with super powers 🙂

Truth is I’m amazed with what my team and I came up within just a couple of days and I’m thinking how much more if we had more time to prepare. 🙂

Even if we didn’t win the contest, I enjoyed the trick or treat with the kids. And having a lot of people ask you to have their photo taken with you was really flattering and was just plain awesome.

Photo by: Clara Diamzon

Plus, it was really fun seeing everyone in their costumes and the creative setup on their workstations. Curious? Let me share with you (below) some photos of the winners and participating departments.

1st Place – Spiderman


2nd Place – Batman

3rd Place – Pinoy Superheroes


Lego Super Heroes  Photo by: Clara Diamzon

I think everyone really did a good job with their costumes and decorating their workstations. I’m sure everyone will do even better next Halloween. 🙂 And that includes my team. 😉 Can’t wait for next year’s Trick or Treat! 🙂

Coming Soon:
DIY: Justice League’s Hawk Girl Costume
DIY: Justice League’s Wonder Woman Costume

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