Travel Packing Tips If You’re Not a Light Packer

Okay, I’m not a light packer. In fact, packing light has been my problem ever since. I’m the type who would rather end up bringing a lot of stuff than forgetting something. So here I will not give you tips on how to pack light.

However, I will share with you some packing tips I learned (some from my friends) during my trip to South Korea early this year.

Tip #1: Bring an extra bag.  If you have a foldable duffel bag  make sure to pack this in your luggage because believe me at one point it will come in handy.



20160208_222244Tip# 2: Make sure to bring vacuum storage bags. This I learned from my friends who travel a lot. We expected a cold weather in South Korea so I packed several sweaters, jackets and one heavy fur coat. When I was packing as we were flying back to the Philippines, my trolley bag and backpack definitely were not enough to carry items we shopped. If you have very limited space because you packed so much already and you know you’d end up shopping – vacuum storage bags will save your life. My friends were able to buy theirs at Daiso in Manila for P88 (Philippine Peso).  Left with no choice, my boyfriend and I had to buy our vacuum bags at LOTTE Mart which was at ₩3000 (Korean Won) each. If you do a quick conversion that’s around P110 (Philippine Peso). Luckily, the condo unit where we stayed had a vacuum. If you’re not sure if there is a vacuum cleaner in the place that you will be staying no worries because you can still use your vacuum bag by folding it and applying pressure (sit on it if you have to) to get the air out.


20160208_122218.jpgTip #3: Wear layers of clothing to reduce amount of clothes in your luggage. If you’ve done all you can to pack everything but you’re still short on space then what you can do is to wear layers of clothing and just remove them at the airport. This is what I did when we were on our way back to Manila. I wore 4 layers of clothing. Of course, I am only suggesting this if you will be traveling to a place with a cold weather. Otherwise, this is not a good idea since wearing layers of clothing in a warm weather will surely discomfort you.


20160209_182222.jpgTip #4: Pre-purchase excess baggage allowance. If you think you will exceed your current baggage allowance the best thing you can do is to pre-purchase excess baggage allowance with your airlines. This will save you the trouble of repacking your belongings at the airport. My boyfriend and I didn’t have a weighing scale with us and we weren’t sure if we went over the free baggage allowance. Our good friend suggested that we just pre-purchase additional baggage allowance, which was conveniently done online. This is way lesser compared to the fees you will have to pay at the airport for excess baggage. The additional baggage allowance (for Cebu Pacific) only cost us P480.

Got better packing ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Live, Learn & Pass it on,



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