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2012 Holiday Family Portraits


Every year,
I would make it a point to organize my family’s Christmas photo shoot. And the photo shoot would always take place at home. 🙂 I think doing the photo shoot at a professional studio would make my dad uncomfortable (if not completely make him shy away from the camera! :D). At home, there’s no feeling of pressure and because we are in the place where we share good memories the smile just comes out naturally. 🙂
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Birthday Party for a Good Cause

Two weeks ago, my friend from college celebrated his birthday at Hospicio de San Jose (a home care to hundreds of young children and senior citizens who have been abandoned by their families). A total of sixty kids came to party with us. Back in high school and college, I have Read the rest of this entry

NBS Warehouse SALE on Nov. 15 to 18

Oh I totally agree with you Elizabeth Scott! 🙂 
I truly love reading and as a book lover one of the events I always look forward to is a BOOK SALE!  Read the rest of this entry

Make Your Life Worth Living

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Pacquiao vs Bradley

I know it’s been almost two weeks since the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight and I still can’t believe the People’s Champ lost.
However, I do believe there is a purpose as to why the Lord allowed him to lose. Whatever the purpose is I’m sure God wiil give Pacman the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. Not that he needs to prove anything. 😉 I think the way Read the rest of this entry

2012 Quote: June 6


If you win,

you will be Happy; 

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2012 Quote: March 27

If I’ve learned one thing, 

it’s take what you want

while you can get it.

You never know

what’s going to happen.

→ JFK         

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2012 Quote: January 24

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Vampires Suck and the next Twilight Spoof for 2012

Release date: August 2010

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2012 Daily Quotes: January 6

“Life isn’t about FINDING yourself.

Life is about CREATING yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

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