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Our God is Able

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Sometimes we FAIL and we become so depressed that we begin to lose faith in ourselves…

Often times, we own up our problems and failures in life that we  tend to forget that God is always with us.

We forget that He has done IMPOSSIBLE things and that He is GREATER than all our problems.

I do not know about you, but honestly, there are times when I am guilty of this.

Now I would like to share with you an inspirational song, which reminds me that even if I do not believe I can do things I have a GOD WHO IS ABLE.  Read the rest of this entry

“Life is not fair; get used to it.” -Bill Gates

Do you ever come to the great realization that LIFE IS UNFAIR?

All your life you’ve tried so hard to be good, doing things out of genuine kindness, trusting that eventually GOOD KARMA will come because you have come to believe the wise saying, ‘NO GOOD DEED GOES UNREWARDED’.

But in the end, all you get from life is not a box of chocolates but a closet full of CRITICISM, MISFORTUNE & CRUELTY  and all that is left for you to give is a bucket of tears. Read the rest of this entry

127 hours: Surviving Life

I have just seen the movie 127 hours.

I do not know if this movie won any award at the recent Grammy’s Read the rest of this entry

Prayer for Impossible Things

Pray with FAITH.