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Travel Packing Tips If You’re Not a Light Packer

Okay, I’m not a light packer. In fact, packing light has been my problem ever since. I’m the type who would rather end up bringing a lot of stuff than forgetting something. So here I will not give you tips on how to pack light.

However, I will share with you some packing tips I learned (some from my friends) during my trip to South Korea early this year.
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Post-Halloween Thoughts

I’ve always loved Halloween. And for many reasons my halloween this year had been a lot of fun. 🙂

Halloween Best Bay Decoration contest 
One reason would have to be the fact that I was able to get my creative juices to work decorating my department’s workstation. Read the rest of this entry

Blue Bloods Saga

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

 I just finished reading Blue Bloods!

I admit, it is the Twilight Saga that made me warm up to vampire love stories and instantly making me a fan of Bella and Edward. But after reading the first book of the Blue Bloods Saga, I think I’m loving it more than Twilight!

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Google DevFest 2011 – Manila

Now, I can proudly call myself a geek! 🙂 Not just because I was able to attend this Google event where all developers from different companies (even regions) gathered but this year also marks the beginning of my long term career as a developer. Shifting career is one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make at this point in my life. Spending almost three years working in a non-technical field, I shifted to IT to become a full fledged software engineer. It was not an easy decision to make because I had to consider the difficulty of starting from scratch but it was the best decision I ever made and Read the rest of this entry

18 to Life: Not An Ordinary Comedy Sitcom

I just recently finished watching season 1 and 2 of 18 to Life,
a Canadian TV series and I absolutely love it! 🙂

18 to Life. Married. With Parents.

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Stealing Home 1988

I absolutely LOVE this movie! It’s ONE of my all-time favorites!

Stealing Home

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Not just because it’s from the 80’s (I’m an 80’s fan 🙂 ) but because it has a heartwarming love story. Jodi Foster is definitely the perfect Katie Chandler and William McNamara who played the young Billy Wyatt is too handsome for words. Plus, the theme song is too beautiful. Really, I could watch this movie over and over again.   For those who have not yet seen this movie, I highly recommend you to watch it. It only takes a couple of hours to download. 😉 Just to give you an idea, below is a short summary of the movie (but you must still see the movie itself to know exactly how wonderful the story goes. 🙂

Billy Wyatt is a middle aged man who lives in a motel with a cocktail waitress. One day, he receives a call from his mother who tells him Katie Chandler, who is Billy’s childhood friend and his first love, committed suicide and left a will saying Billy is to take responsibility for her ashes. When he returns to his hometown to fulfill his duty with Katie’s ashes, happy and sad memories of his childhood all came back. He began to recall those memorable times with his late father whom he shared such great passion for baseball, his adventures into manhood with his bestfriend Alan and mostly the times he spent with Katie. At first Billy was totally clueless as to what to do with Katie’s ashes, but in the end he finds the answer when he drifts back in time Read the rest of this entry

“Life is not fair; get used to it.” -Bill Gates

Do you ever come to the great realization that LIFE IS UNFAIR?

All your life you’ve tried so hard to be good, doing things out of genuine kindness, trusting that eventually GOOD KARMA will come because you have come to believe the wise saying, ‘NO GOOD DEED GOES UNREWARDED’.

But in the end, all you get from life is not a box of chocolates but a closet full of CRITICISM, MISFORTUNE & CRUELTY  and all that is left for you to give is a bucket of tears. Read the rest of this entry

Nail Art: Now a fashion trend

Nail Art. I’m not really a fan of this current trend but this particular photo (below) of Hello Kitty nail art, I find really CUTE. 🙂 Who knows maybe I will try it out one of these days. 😉

Are you fond of nail art? Then you should check out the links below for other interesting nail art samples and reviews. 😉

In life, we have the option to be good or bad…

At times when life offers me cruelty, it becomes a challenge for me to stay good when others are not, especially since I’ve always claimed that my attitude depends on how people treat me.
Well, I am just thankful that I’ve come to know KERYGMA. Read the rest of this entry

Prayer for Thanksgiving

I have always believed that we should pray to the good Lord and all the saints not only when we ask of something but more than anything, when our prayers have been granted.

Allow me to share with you a Prayer of thanksgiving dedicated to Saint Jude Thaddeus.