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INCREDIBLE INNOVATION: Sugar Rush at the World’s First Cake Hotel

While looking for something to inspire me I stumbled upon an article on the dailymail. The article featured the first edible hotel in the whole world (yes, you read that right – edible). Sounds amazing, right? Wait till you see Read the rest of this entry

Facebook and Google tied the knot!

Well okay, I’m not literally speaking of a marriage between the two technology/social networking giants caught in a social media battle.
At present, that’s just way impossible! 😀 At least it appears there’s NO RULE that their employees can’t tie the knot. As proof to this, FACEBOOK‘s Senior Platform Manager (Dave Morin) and GOOGLE‘s Product Marketing Manager (Brittany Bohnet) crossed the borders of rivalry between their companies in a “pixel cowboy” wedding. Read the rest of this entry

Google DevFest 2011 – Manila

Now, I can proudly call myself a geek! 🙂 Not just because I was able to attend this Google event where all developers from different companies (even regions) gathered but this year also marks the beginning of my long term career as a developer. Shifting career is one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make at this point in my life. Spending almost three years working in a non-technical field, I shifted to IT to become a full fledged software engineer. It was not an easy decision to make because I had to consider the difficulty of starting from scratch but it was the best decision I ever made and Read the rest of this entry