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2012 Quote: March 27

If I’ve learned one thing, 

it’s take what you want

while you can get it.

You never know

what’s going to happen.

→ JFK         

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The Immortals: The truth about Marilyn, JFK and Bobby

I love reading autobiographies of people who made history.

In particular, I’ve always followed the life story of Marilyn Monroe.
I often search articles and documentaries about her all over the internet. And now I just can’t believe my luck, from a SALE, I found this book ‘The Immortals’ by Michael Korda. As indicated on the cover, this book will reveal the truth about Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. This is the book I’ve been looking for and now that I have it, I’m very much eager to read all of its contents. 🙂

Will be posting a review once I finish reading the book! 🙂

The Immortals