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Barbie Craze

I remember as a kid I would always get a Barbie doll from my Ninong (God father) as a gift on my birthday and on Christmas. In truth I was never really a fan of Barbie dolls (in fact, back in those days you will catch me playing with my brother’s toy soldiers and GI Joe). Oh do not get me wrong, I love dolls and I had lots of them, but not so much of the skinny plastic ones. Anyway, through the years I have come to notice how Barbie dolls evolved. I find it really amazing how Barbie continuously tops little girls’ list of favorite toys. Not just that, the pink-loving doll is now even celebrating its 50th year.

Below you shall find all sorts of photos of Barbie Read the rest of this entry

I want to build my Mansion.. in Heaven

In life, most often than not we focus on three P’s which can give us pleasure.

Things, I believe we cannot bring to Heaven in the end of time.

Below you will find an article, I want to share with you. An article which should remind us that on judgement day when we seek a place in Heaven, the kind of life we lived will not be judged based on our seat of power, position and possessions but according to how we lived for God’s purpose. Read the rest of this entry