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Featured here are cool and amazing gadgets ever created.

Free Online Storage for Personal Files and Captured Memories

Yesterday, my hard disk drive has decided to rest in peace. Yes it died on me. And really I felt as if someone close to me has died. It has been my companion for the last 4 years. What really makes me sad is that Read the rest of this entry

My Top Ten Android Apps

I love Android!

The existence of so many amazing android applications is a proof that anything is possible in this age of technology. Aside from helping us in our daily activities android applications make our life more fun. 😉 Anyway, let me share with you ten of my favorite applications (I actually have a growing list!). 😉  Read the rest of this entry

Vertu Signature Phone: Especially designed to be admired

Have you heard of the Vertu Signature Phone?

If not, you probably don’t even make enough money to buy one :p
At a glance, it looks ordinary but beware, its price tag of $310,000 rival some people’s cars and even houses!
Crazy huh?:p

A Vertu phone’s best feature aside from the diamonds, sapphires and rubies:
It has “lifestyle” button that automatically connects you to a concierge 24 hours a day.

Know more about Vertu at SOFTPEDIA